12 May 2022


• Digital energy management solutions enable Mercatus to deliver greater value to its tenants while driving sustainability efforts 

Mercatus has partnered SP Group (SP) to deploy SP Digital’s Green Energy Tech (GET™) solutions to its properties: AMK Hub, One Marina Boulevard and Jurong Point. By leveraging on smart technology to enhance operational efficiency through automation, Mercatus is delivering greater value to its tenants while advancing its sustainability agenda. 

Mercatus’ adoption of GET™ Insights and GET™ TenantCare has provided it with a more seamless utilities management experience while allowing it to make informed decisions relating to building performance, sustainability and occupant well-being. 

Through GET™ Insights, Mercatus can integrate different building systems and diverse data sources for an overview of the energy aspects of the three buildings. It can also make use of the Utility Monitoring and Insights dashboard to retrieve utilities consumption data for further analysis and reporting purposes. With the data, its facilities management teams can identify and forecast usage patterns as well as detect anomalies early to prevent wastage.

As GET™ TenantCare leverages Internet of Things (IoT) and Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), SP has deployed an AMI consisting of more than 700 smart electricity meters at the three Mercatus properties. With the smart meters’ capability of real time and advanced monitoring, along with the cloud-based tenant utilities management software, Mercatus can then translate the data into actionable insights to uncover potential pathways to boost energy efficiency.  

As part of Mercatus’ move to digitise and automate its operations, plans are underway to integrate the utilities management functions into a Tenant Service Portal. The portal will serve as a single touchpoint for tenants to access various services ranging from finance and marketing as well as tapping on advance data visualisation to manage their energy consumption. Tenants can look forward to greater convenience and a more seamless approach when engaging with Mercatus, contributing to stronger landlord-tenant relationship.

Ms June Ang, Director, Retail & Portfolio Operations, Mercatus, said, “Mercatus’ partnership with SP stems from our ambitions to take a holistic and collaborative approach towards embedding sustainability into various aspects of our business. We believe in adopting a key role in working with our tenants to incorporate ESG principles of sustainable development into our properties. The deployment of SP’s digital solutions across three of our properties will contribute towards a more unified experience in tenant utilities management, while boosting operational efficiencies for Mercatus and our tenants.” 

Mr Clement Cheong, Vice President, SP Digital, said, “SP is pleased to partner Mercatus on its digital transformation journey and to integrate sustainability into their operations. Our GET™ digital solution provides Mercatus and their tenants with the tools to be more energy efficient and take steps to reduce their carbon footprint. Automating their tenant operations through GET™ TenantCare and the advanced metering infrastructure will enable the facilities management teams to improve business efficiencies and productivity, and enhance tenant relationships.”

GET™ Digital Solution is a suite of solutions that integrates different building systems and diverse data sources to create a seamless, sustainable utilities management experience for our customers. Powered by EnergyTech, the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), GET enables building owners and facility managers to make smarter decisions that improve building performance, sustainability and occupant well-being.

GET™ Insights allows Mercatus’ facilities management teams and tenants to manage, monitor, report, analyse and optimise utilities usage to help identify wastage, achieve cost savings and reach their sustainability targets. With access to real-time information on its utilities consumption, it is able to make adjustments to improve energy efficiency in its properties, enabling it to save energy and cost.

GET™ TenantCare is a smart and automated tenant sub-metering solution that will enable Mercatus to manage tenant utilities consumption efficiently. Powered by SP Digital’s advanced metering infrastructure, GET™ TenantCare simplifies operational challenges involved in utilities management while providing an accurate billing and metering arrangement.