M Malls App Notice



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How long is the black-out period?
The old app will be disabled permanently from 17 June 2019 (Monday) . The new app is targeted to be launched in July.


2. Why is there a black-out period?
A transition period is required so that all data from old system can be fully migrated to the new system without any disruptions and discrepancies. As such, there should not be any data update, vouchers and points activities happening between 17 June and 7 July, which is referred to as ‘black-out period’.


3. What are the services are not accessible during the black-out period?
– Profile Update
– Scanning of Receipts & Awarding of points
– Rewards redemptions
– Sale or redemptions of Vouchers

The following will be accessible during black-out period:
• Mprivileges.com.sg
(We will be using this website to communicate, do check in on this website for updates)


4. Can I still earn points with my eligible purchases and what should I do with my receipts?
For purchases made between 17 June – 7 July, you may either:

• Drop your original receipt(s) into the receipt box located at our customer service counters (AMK Hub and Jurong Point) or Security Counter (Thomson Plaza, level 2). Do write your full name and mobile number clearly at the back of each receipt. Please be informed that all submitted receipt(s) are non-returnable and the management will not be responsible for any lost receipts. All submitted receipts will be processed by 31 August.

• You may retain your receipt(s) and proceed to our customer service counters for instant points update after 7 July.


5. What will happen to my points in my current account?
All points will remain in your account during black-out period and will be migrated over to the new programme, which will be reflected in your account within the mobile app. There will be communications sent to you (member) via email and updates will be available on our official website and social media pages.


6. It’s my birthday month, can I still earn 2X or 3X points during the black-out period?
Yes, absolutely! You can still earn 2X (Basic and Union tier) or 3X points (Gold tier) if your 1st purchase within your birthday month is made during the black-out period. Simply choose to drop your receipt(s) into the receipt box located at our customer service counters. Do write your full name and mobile number clearly at the back of each receipt. The applicable birthday bonus points will be credited into your account before 31 August.


7. How do I update my profile details during this period?
You may email to mprivileges@mercatus.com.sg for any assistance on your account including updating of your personal details. Do note that, all updates will be processed once the new programme is available.


8. What happens to my unused e-vouchers that are expiring in June?
Do exchange your e-vouchers to physical (printed) vouchers at our Customer Service Counters by 10 June 2019. Kindly be informed that all e-vouchers that are not exchanged by 10 June will be expired.


9. What happens to my unused physical vouchers that are expiring in June?
Do refer to the printed expiry date on the official physical vouchers. Vouchers are valid at the participating tenants, until the stated expiry date.

10. Are there alternative ways that I may redeem for carpark e-vouchers during this period?
Along with the other functionalities, carpark e-voucher redemption will not be available during the black-out period. We apologise for any inconvenience caused during this period.


11. Can I still apply to be a M Privileges member?
We are happy to hear that you would like to sign up! We will be ready to receive you when the new app is launched. Do stay tuned for updates!


12. I am a M Privileges member. Will I still get to enjoy the same benefits with the new app?
We have been gathering feedback and have re-worked some of the benefits. Most of the benefits remain the same. We also took this opportunity to make some changes in view of a more seamless experience. Do stay tuned for updates!


13. There’s a GSS BINGO campaign and M Malls Challenge happening at the malls. Can I still participate?
Yes! The campaign is ongoing, and you may redeem for BINGO cards and stickers with your eligible receipts.


14. Where can I find out more information on the black-out period and the new app?
You may visit any the following websites or follow our social media pages for more information:
• M Privileges– www.mprivileges.com.sg
• AMK Hub – www.amkhub.com.sg / www.facebook.com/AMKHubSingapore
• Jurong Point – www.jurongpoint.com.sg / www.facebook.com/jurongpoint
• Thomson Plaza – www.thomsonplaza.com.sg / www.facebook.com/thomsonplazasg


15. If I have questions or suggestions, who can I talk to?
You may visit our Customer Service Counters (AMK Hub and Jurong Point) or write to us via the ‘Contact Us’ form on the M Privileges’ website, www.mprivileges.com.sg. Alternatively, you may email us at mprivileges@mercatus.com.sg.